Coming soon

I've finally got around to putting something other than an empty holding page here. I'm experimenting with HTML5 so it may not work with all browsers; specifically, FireFox does not support inline SVG (yet). I'm hoping to put all sorts of things here in the future, from mathematics to poetry. In the meantime, here's a silly poem called "Eddy's eely meal":

Eddy ate an edgy eel,
An ill-advisť§†meal;
It proceeded past his pallette
With aesophogeal zeal.

On through his stomach wriggles
Our distempered little eel
Whilst Eddy's midriff jiggles
It's electrifying meal.

And now poor Eddy leaves us,
He's making quite a fuss:
He's running to the toilet
Whilst holding tight his arse.

To extricate his excrement
From effervescent bowels
And expurgate the effluent
With endless paper towels.
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